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Carta al Gobernador Rafael Moreno Valle

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Governor if one writes to. Rethinking public policy on relations with media

image No! the inability of spokespersons Institutional communication

By Fernando Sandoval Guerrero
Political analyst and writer

No doubt, Governor Rafael Moreno Valle desperately seeks to continue a political career for wanting to be, not just an "excellent governor of Puebla" but the president of the Mexican Republic and that has made different types of campaigns not only in the media according to their purposes and their pleitesías or who has bought advertising, news programs, inserts medially as companies have this capability in the field of communications without partisan constraints for the sole purpose of running a subliminal message in these times advance of political and electoral campaigns.
Today we see many commitments betrayed as many simple word and agreements, not only with the media but with citizens looking for a real government transformation in which some media have been partners in their own deceptions and lies of their own.
How can we forget that character who rubbed shoulders with the people. It felt between each of the scents of sweat labor of men, women and children in communities from the Sierra Mixteca, to ancient places like San Andrés Cholula where constantly coming to consolidate anteriori-electoral agreements as accomplished that gave the victory and remain similar interests tone for the political power of their families.
Today this territory is disputed and has been not only in electoral boundaries but which has thousands of cholultecas inconformado they know where their territory is and who is the Governor Moreno Valley.
The population has been given the power and position to direct the destinies of Puebla but today can not be that no more nor less media have consistently fallen prey to their disdain, their slights and racism when its policies in this government have been very clear the rule with equity and gender equality not only in a population with disabilities in the media field but where "a versius life" "vox populi" has boycotted them not only state but also to the media Local and reviews that tell what is from another stratum, from another level from the ground where they walk poblanos million expressions.
It can not be that the same human beings that have emanated from the media today are submissive, conformist and partakers of these slights and snubs for these corrupt Mexican press on any level. Today, there are these great critics come to their price and their professional grave being marked by his own brothers and his own colleagues for not standing up and not include those who have given life stage game and a mere mortal that has lost its essence and its human value.
It is sad to know that the governor who knew how to handle the millions of Puebla consciences leave to flatter and deceive by characters who do not let you come to your ear to tell you how fantastic and beautiful happens where you walk and it is a shame that Fernando Crisanto you have changed the lines to simple pen-government lines.
What shamelessness and betrayal of their principles and their guild!
What a disgrace and contempt! show that diversity of thought, now stop issuing bulletins and press releases to different media and covering other sectors of the population that were once hand walking in their campaigns and all that is shown is a desperation and ambition to achieve power for power without feeling its population.
Not only the Central newspaper has expressed surprise that there is a media paralysis sin to tell the truth or to express the criticism, hurt and uncomfortable truths. But it must be said today, many social media managers and other levels of public institutions have the same tenor, the same arrogance of feeling superior to any media relief and worse, the way to mingle among them to breed and maintain elites and nepotism that harm the state, goes only as mere bureaucrats protecting their salaries, their perks and their unique common interest outside the royalties.
Not only it seems, is who applauds him, he deafens what flatters and dislike poblano survives royalties, conventions and especially the access of information and that is unworthy as unethical. Who is against, are marked, marginalized as a case of many Ernesto Villanueva UDLAP professor who has defended the interests of big media networks, among others.
Can not be that media such as intolerance, E Check, Central, Change, La Jornada, Status, Heraldo de Puebla including local, which allow this noble task of reporting pain, feelings and needs of the poblanos under codes of ethics the Press Law and Freedom of Expression, are discriminated by a single entity that does not represent the policy of the State.
From years ago, on campaign began early this fruitless war since the creation of the high chairs of press not they approached the governor and one photographic angle as if we were lepers or we take care of contagion was taken.
Implausible when campaigning screamed Moreno Valley photographs next to "the masses, the offspring, the neighborhood or its people," Today is vested in the hands of tiny incipient and thinking that their actions only confirm their defeat and the end of this political career that can be very positive with the support of social and informative majorities.
No doubt, Governor Rafael Moreno Valle need, not only advisors work needs also step earth Puebla, feel the pain of his people, who feels the affection of millions of citizens claiming their public policies on media communication, but mostly claiming their uneasiness to the town of image projects and sideline or put stuff that does not represent forefront in the hearts of the poblanos.
Mr. Governor Rafael Moreno Valle:
"Amend the population calls him the way with a human sense from within their public policies, stop listening to the applause that are profane and stop listening to the millions of poblanos. Going out of town take their baths as it did in the field, "let get close to children, men, women and journalists and they will also ask for a handout, because that is what I sought and what he did Directions to prune. Should approach those in need but especially to reassess public policy and stop dreaming and to recreate early campaigns that generate only trouble and expense that enrich a few and do not respond to majorities and media who will seen it grow and have given pattern strengthened in their walk.
These sketches will be read by those who were once part of the media guild and today many media and many partners in this noble task, stop thinking that half is for the government to be the system so it should be revalued true code of ethics that prevails in a medium in any format and in any direction.
Like other letters to you, I must mention that respectfully can not congratulate you when you've done the "not listening or do not have ears or his subordinates would not have passed the critical press folder" That's inadmissible as improper to use early projects as a central management office or general public attention that once were highlighted in collections before taking office, and today are an important part in the transformation of the state of Puebla as Integrator Service Center and have been boasting of its institutional growth and their applause without innumerable citizens' projects that were part of the working plan for development and I doubt many authors we continue on the bench.
True, it takes three years and only see one thing, arrogance and despotism of his subordinates and vanity in any approach.
Unlike other cards, I can tell you that "I am proud poblano" and why it hurts to see the needs of the population, to see that have not been resolved, it hurts me to see that there is more infrastructure but more poverty, population claims justice, education, health, employment and above all love for fellow man, giving his life for others. We have lost common sense, citizenship and identity.
No I see, I find that Governor once visited an ancient town on foot, who sat next to many citizens, today has turned away from many human realities. Because only is manifested in a particular political objective, a race for political power to lead this country seeking true leaders who are humanists, sensitive and claimants of their actions.
That pride and a future President of the Mexican Poblano Republic and it was with whom we have rubbed shoulders in the daily work in our different scenarios, but it would be dishonest to be someone who does not represent our feelings and our needs, carried away by mirrors some few only applaud when they are up but when you lose your head and you hide hinder his career.
Mr. Governor, "if you have one writes."
Has who tells him that there is still poverty, not only in our neighbors but also our families and in our pockets faint. In our loved ones who are sick and tired, many do not even have medical, home and livelihood.
Many still, we got to pick the mat floor, because well, we live many and knowing I do not have a roof or a decent home, if we have a hope to see resolved our needs and with dignity, pride mexican!
Awoke to find a note, a positive and growing story of perseverance, tolerance and satisfaction for all poblanos and run the machine to process information and make it proudly to the whole world that in Puebla if we do things quality, reliability and above all humanism, knowing that we have someone who understands what we are crying and what we needed many poblanos and many critics who want a true background processing.
Mr. Rafael Moreno Valle needs to be done and it's time!